Ineke Ann Pitts – Professional Profile

Ineke is Director of the MDF South Asia office, Leadership Coach and Trainer and Project Coordinator of the NUFFIC Niche BGD199 Project for the Bangladesh RMG Sector together with BUFT University.

Ineke has lived and worked in Asia for more than 20 years. She is a senior international resource person for MDF and heads the MDF Global Leadership Hub.
Ineke is a Licensed Master Practitioner (L-52505) in Neuro- Linguistic Programming from the International Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Society, (Richard Bandler); she has a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration and Development from Paisley University Scotland and is a Doctoral Candidate in Organisational Change at Middlesex University, UK
Ineke works extensively in capacity building for the development sector in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Nepal and in another 14 countries worldwide. Before joining MDF, Ineke was a corporate trainer and organizational development consultant working with the RNG sector in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. She started her career studying mechanical engineering, spent 4-years as Computer-aided design manager on the World’s largest infrastructure project, the Hong Kong airport and 3 years in the jungles of South Asia, on a project to locate and conserve rare tropical pitcher plants. In addition to her role with MDF, she is the founder and proprietor of Ceylon Horse Riding Club from her ranch in Sri Lanka with 10 horses and combines her love of horses with her work as leadership coach offering equine-assisted leadership and life coaching to corporate clients in Sri Lanka.