Board of Directors





After finishing my graduation, In the year of 1988 I started my business as a scrap supplier and M.S rod saller in the banner  of Ruma iron Traders. At that time I supplied scraps to different  factory such as Rahim Steel , Bandar Steel , Ahmedia Steel etc. Then I rented a steel factory named Nine star steel Mill in 1993. In 1997 , I also rented another steel factory named Golden Steel Mill.  Those factories were running successfully and I became benefited. Then we started a firm Zahir steel & Re- Rolling Mills with joint venture in 2003. In 2008, the firm became as a limited company. In the year of 2010 after the death the formal chairman Md. Zahirul islam , I was selected as the chairman of Zahir steel & Re- Rolling Mills limited. I am also a director of Bangladesh Steel Mill owners Association. I visited several countries like India, Bhutan, Srilanka, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt and many other countries in business purpose.


Hasan Uddin Ahmed

Managing Director

After completing MBA (Finance) in2000, he was engaged in his family business KrishiJantraSanastha, which was establish in 1977 by his father late: Nur Uddin Ahmed. And look-after his family properties. In 2001 he build-up a new business with all of his younger brothers. That was Ahmed & Brothers.They import deferent type of iron coil-sheet. Now it is operated by all of his younger brothers. In 2002 he sign-up a new partnership business with Mr. Zahirul Islam and Mr. HumayunKabir. And that was Zahir Steel & Re-rolling Mills. This business was going well and as well as their personal relation. So they think to expand the business and convert it into a Limited Company. In 08/06/2008 they get the incorporate certificate at the same name. In 2010 they launch a new unit for this limited company. Which is now mortgage to AB Bank (NSR). From then it is running well till now. So, every time he looking forward and try to expand the business.

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