Per customer group the CoE can offer productsand services translated into value for the client. The first step is to describe the problems which the customer groups want the CoE to resolve and how CoEis able to solve these problems (see matrix).

Customer segment
Promise and offer CoE
1. Suppliers (BGMEA members)
  • Don’t know how to implement CSR/SRHR practices
  • Demand for transparency
  • Lack of innovative know how
  • Don’t know international trends & market developments
  • Research & consultancy on CSR/SRHR best practices with RoI
  • Executive training by BUFT in cooperation with other service providers
  • Transparency benchmark
  • Pilots on (and executive courses) on circular fabrics, customization etc
  • Annual trend report
2. Buyers and brands
  • Wants save sourcing, compliant to international CSR framework
  • Smaller brands do not know where to find responsible suppliers
  • Annual transparency benchmark of responsible suppliers (CSR KPI’s)
  • CSR matchmaking facility (independent)
3. Donors
  • Wants to have impact on their CSR/SRHR policy goals
  • Wants to have access to suppliers
  • Wants visibility on their impact & successes Research pilots & demo’s
  • Research on effective implementation of CSR/SRHR
  • Growing business network & coalitions of willing companies
  • Projectproposals, pilots & demo’s of innovation

Some of the services and products are already under development in the current research trajectories of the NICHE project. One of the services offered by BUFT CoEcan be an annual benchmarking survey of transparent and front-running RMG factories in Bangladesh with independent and verifiable information on CSR/SRHR efforts. The CoEcan also develop matchmaking servicesand perhaps trade missions, liaising between European buyers Associations and Bangladesh RMG Factories. Above all there is an opportunity to conduct short executive courses in innovation (with impact on CSR/SRHR) and innovative leadership for professionals together with seminars and other special learning and networking events targeted on international buyers, technology experts and NGO’s. Possible subjects for short executive courses include:

  • Pricing & negotiating (with respect to CSR/SRHR);
  • International market demands &responding to trends;
  • Circular fabric making& new businessmodels;
  • Responding to (mass) customization &tailor-made design;
  • Transparency & how to benchmark yourself;
  • International CSR frameworks, sustainable trade initiatives & certification;
  • Best practices & calculation of the return on investment of CSR measures;
  • Marketing of CSR/SRHR in terms of innovation & USP’s.